Temple-climbing makes solid footwear recommendable

Temple-climbing makes solid footwear recommendable

Footwear for climbing temple of Angkor
Steep stairs or climbing: Solid footwear makes for a safe footing.
Steep, uneven steps lead up the temples. Partially it goes really steeply upward. It is true that many of the temples are equipped with visitor stairs. This batik online shop also applies to Angkor Wat. However, the visitor stairs compensate for the steep, original steps of traditional Khmer architecture only partially.

Stairs are not always available. Partially you also climb over a washed steps or Stein heap.

Therefore, stable and firm footwear is recommended. Hiking boots may be a bit exaggerated (even if you always see tourists with it). At least light sports shoes make sense.

Comment by Patrick
Flip flops or sandals go in principle. With Sneakern you have however the somewhat better kick. Slight sports shoes are therefore the first choice for the temples.

I am always on the move with flip flops in the archaeological park. After I took the departure from the steep Baksei Chamkrong almost once, but now sports shoes are my first choice 😉

Strict clothing regulations in the temple

Allegedly now more strictly controlled. Some media like the morning mail.

While there are many new features in the announcement (no hotpants, miniskirts, underpants, etc.), the innovation may be that it is now more closely controlled.

So far, guardians, who look closely, were only posted in the upper part of Angkor Wat.

Probably in the autumn I can picture myself 🙂

In summary, these are the clothing tips for Angkor Wat

A challenge is the choice of Angkor Wat clothes actually not. A little, however, one is nevertheless in the dichotomy.

Because of the heat you want to attract as little as possible. Because of the clothing requirements for entering temples and the smaller climbing exercises on the temples, however, a casual beach outfit is not appropriate.

These are my tips on Angkor Wat clothing:

T-shirt, light shirt, blouse or similar for “up around”
Fabric shorts, light cloth pants or long skirt for “down around”
Sun hat, basecap or the like as head cover
Solid footwear like sports shoes for a good kick
Small backpack or daypack for camera, rain protection, drinks, additional clothing and other personal items
Bottom line therefore no witchcraft. A little thought you should make however.

I have already seen tourists being denied access to Angkor Wat due to inappropriate clothing. And I’ve seen visitors tense in thick jeans and were actually sweaty 🙂