Selection of clothes

Selection of clothes

Choose a breathable material

100% synthetic clothing will make you sweat. You need something that is wrinkle-free as well as “breathable” and provides UV protection. Look for products from the “Micro travel” (MT) or Fjällräven batik online shop “Comfort travel” material (CT) and you will not have any problems.

Choose a light weight product

You do not want to carry large and space-hopping garments or heavy bags with you. Space is sparse when traveling and weight is something you want to avoid. Pay attention to lightweight products. Also in this case, the “Micro travel” (MT) or Fjällräven “Comfort travel” materials (CT) are perfect.

Against unpleasant smells and for crease-freeness

You may still find energy and time for the washing of your clothes, but it is usually not enough for ironing. So pack clothes that are antibacterial and wrinkle-free. The Fjällräven bamboo t-shirts are antibacterial and act against unpleasant odors. They are also very breathable and almost completely crease-free. This is really something you will appreciate on your safari.

Think about the color

Choose jackets and pants in the colors Light Beige, Light Khaki or Soil. These colors do not make you appear conspicuous for the animals. Dust and dirt are also less visible. Check out our new Kenya or Zambia collections.

Zip-off features

Zip-off jackets or pants make it easy to turn your jacket into a vest and shorts in shorts for one day. Remove the sleeves from the jacket with the zip-off function and you will get a vest. Take off the legs of the pants with the zip-off function and you get a shorts. And when it gets cooler in the evening, and the mosquitoes begin to hunt you, just bring the distant parts back.

Functional pocket solutions

Many manufacturers put bags on their clothes to make them look better. We do not say that something is wrong. But it is also not quite right and does not correspond to our approach. Each bag we add fulfills its specific purpose. We focus on functionality. That’s why you’ll find our clothing bags, which are ideal for travel guides, photo equipment, snacks and any other possible purpose.