Antarctic Cruise: Tips on the right clothing

Antarctic Cruise: Tips on the right clothing

The eternal ice of Antarctica is as fascinating as it is frightening. Some people shy away from an Antarctic cruise because they fear they will not be able to cope with the cold. This concern is, however, unfounded: bad weather does not exist, only bad clothes.

Antarctic cruise in summer

In winter, it is so cold in the Antarctic and the pack ice is so thick that cruise ships do not even hit the polar region Рthey batik online shop would be stuck in any case. In July and August, on the other hand, you will not be in trouble on an Antarctic cruise Рneither in terms of getting to the ship nor by dressing.

The important thing is that you take a wide selection of clothes on your trip. On the one hand, it is pleasantly warm in the cabins, while an icy wind blows occasionally, and the weather can change quickly. However, if you notice on the Antarctic cruise that the clothing brought along is not sufficient, you can even buy or borrow other garments.

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Basically you should mainly pack clothing made of microfiber. The functional lining is superior to heavy cotton in two points: it is lighter and dries faster. The second basic rule is: Dress like an onion – in layers. Over long underwear come first a thin fleece sweater and then a thicker fleece jacket. As an outerwear jacket and pants are made of wind and water resistant materials.

To keep your hands warm, you should wear fluffy gloves with fold-away fingertips – which are especially suitable for taking pictures. Well-fitting shoes – preferably with a warm insole – and thick socks are also part of the basic equipment for an Antarctic cruise. Headband or cap, possibly even a face mask, protect against icy cold on the head